Dragon Oath Wiki

The starting area in Dragon Oath is a city named Da Li. In Da Li, you can find all of the starting quests and most of the life skills available to you in the game. You will also find many shops and trading outlets spread throughout the city.

The busiest city in Dragon Oath is called Luo Yang. There are quite a few game functions that can only be accessed from Luo Yang, so you will probably spend a lot of time here. The NPCs of Luo Yang can help you with transportation to Pet Island, changing your character’s hairstyle, arranging a marriage, and the Jewel crafting skill.

The last of the major cities is called Su Zhou. Su Zhou serves as a connecting town for those brave enough to venture into Twin Island. Though you’ll find most of the standard shops and trainers in Su Zhou, it doesn’t have as many options as Luo Yang.

The maps generated for events in the game (instances) are typically much smaller than a standard area. While in an instance, you typically have a certain objective you must meet within a set time frame. During the event, NPCs will not be listed on your area map (use TAB to open) though they should be fairly easy to locate due to the map’s limited size. The entrance/exit of the event will be clearly marked. After completing or failing an instance, you will see a prompt letting you know when you will be transported out of the map.

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