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Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Master Tung (216,116)

Luo Yang: Copper Hsueh (213,151)

Su Zhou: River Zhang (259,132)

Lv6-10 taught by

Guild City: Sturdy Ma (65,55)



Mining is a Life Skill. Ores appear in pre-defined locations and dissapear once mined, reappearing cyclically relating to which mining locations are present in the scene. Level 1 ore appears in 7 different scenes, whilst any higher level ore appear in two scenes; one may find that they can mine one type of rock in an area, but not be of sufficient level to mine another in the same scene, however the higher level ore will always be a maximum of 1 level above the other ore present. If a player is within a certain proximity to a rock, it will appear as Ore map icon.png on the mini area map at the top right corner of the user interface. This can be hovered over with the cursor to reveal which type of ore that location contains.

How to Mine

Mining2 2.jpg

To mine ore a player must have a Pickaxe equipped or in their inventory. When a player comes across a mineable rock, which only appear in , they should move close to it, as if one clicks it from a distance the character may run into a blocked path and system message will inform them that they are too far away. To mine the rock, a player should hover their cursor over the herb which changes the cursor from a pointing hand to a pickaxe, and then left click. The process of mining takes about 6 seconds, then a Loot Box appears, which will contain the ore in the rock, and has a chance to also contain a concomitant, and rarely gems and Dragon Balls. Spirit is consumed as soon as the Loot Box appears; only when the box is empy will the rock dissapear. If another player is mining the same rock, they view and can take what the other player sees (whether they see rare loot there is currently unconfirmed).