Description/Bio: Apprentices of the Lotus Order study the personal virtues of the Buddha alongside Kung Fu. Their studies have given them the ability not only to absorb damage, but also heal wounds.
Location: Mt. Emei
Weapon Type: Single and Dual One-Handed Swords
Slogan: A violent man does not die a natural death.

Skills:  Edit

Book 1: Edit

  • Holy Shot
  • Signs of Ancient Magic
  • Cleric's Willpower

Book 2: Edit

  • Ice Lance
  • Arcane Stream
  • Searing Light

Book 4: Edit

  • Gentle Magic Defense
  • Blessed Recovery
  • Defensive Fighting
  • Strengthen the Faithful

Book 5: Edit

  • Gentle Magic Attack
  • Blinding Light
  • Offensive Fighting
  •  Concentration

Book 6: Edit

  • Holy Wrath
  • Inspiring
  • Dummy
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