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Gem System

The Gem System is an important feature in Dragon Oath, and plays an important role. The main use of gems is to boost your stats by socketing them into equipment, and also to add a colorful aura to your character. There are many types of gems in the game, each with different effects.

This table shows the effects of various gems, and which type of items they can socket to. A green check means the gem can be socketed into that type of item.

578px-Gem Chart.jpg

Keep in mind that you can only socket each type of gem once into any given item.

Example: If you have 1 Hope Gem in your item, such as an Opal, that means you cannot add another Opal in that item, or another Hope Gem such as a Tiger Eye.

Also, you can synthesize identical gems (the same gem and gem level) together to obtain a more powerful gem. Jade Pong in Luo Yang [176,183] can help you with this process.

Gem Process1.jpg

Synthesizing gems requires at least five gems with the same level. Five identical Level 1 gems can be synthesized into a Level 2 gem. So to obtain a Level 3 gem, you'll need 25 Level 1 gems.

Gem Process2.jpg

You can also use a Synthesis Spell, which will make your synthesizing more efficient.

Gem Process3.jpg

A Synthesis spell increases the power of Synthesis by 25%, so you would only need 3 Level 1 gems to have a chance of synthesizing a Level 2 gem. Your chances improve, however, the more gems you use.

  • 3 gems (25%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 50% chance of success
  • 4 gems (50%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 75% chance of success
  • 5 gems (75%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 100% success

Socketing Items

Now that you have the gems, you have to add sockets to your equipment so you have somewhere to put them!
Adding Sockets You need specific items in order to add sockets, such as Horn. These drop from various monsters across the world. The level of socket dropped depends on the level of the monsters, and effects how many sockets can be added.

Each item can have a maximum of three sockets. Unless a special item is used to raise the percentage of success, the first socket will always succeed, the second will have a 2/3 chance of success, and the third will have a 1/3 chance of success.

Gem Process4.jpg

Once you have the gems and the equipment ready, you can socket the gems into the equipment. You will need a Remedy Pearl to accomplish this, and your probability of success can be increased with a Gem Socket Spell.

Gem Process5.jpg

The Gem Socket Spell increases the odds of success by 50%. There is also an Advanced Gem/Level 2 Socket Spell (available in the Token shop) which increases your odds of success to 100%.

Gem Process6.jpg