Dragon Oath Wiki

Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Ling Mu (103,156)

Luo Yang: Fisher Jiang(207,184)

Su Zhou: Calm Chiang(238,77)

Lv6-10 taught by

Guild City: Amiable Mu(46,91)


How to fish

Once you have learnt the fishing skill from the relevant NPC, you must have a Fishing Pole in your inventory if you wish to fish. You can purchase this from certain NPCs in the main cities for not much money. If it is your first time fishing, it is likely you are level 1 fishing, so you can only fish in level 1 fishing areas such as Mt. Infinity and Wild Plains. Travel to one of these areas and look on the map for streams or water areas, keeping your eye on the circular mini-map for the yellow fish icon which indicates there are fish there. Once you have located a fishing spot, stand close to the water's edge and hover your cursor over where the fish are. Your cursor will change from the pointing hand icon to a fish icon. Left click and you will begin fishing.

Fishing Advice

Fishing2 2.jpg

Fishing is not an eventful activity, and the fish in the fishing location do not disappear, so you can go AFK whilst you fish.

Ensure your Stuff tab in your inventory is as empty as possible, so if you got afk for a while you have as many boxes as possible to fill up with fish and the concomitants that are caught.