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Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Swift Du (116,157)

Luo Yang: Chef Li (134,154)

Su Zhou: Sagacious (189,173)

Lv6-10 taught by

Guild City: Fat Du (45,74)


Cooking is perhaps the first Life Skill players learn, as it is incorporated into an early quest.

Complimentary Life Skills.

Planting:Planting has two types of crops: Food Crops and Sewing Material Crops. For cooking, the desirable crops are obviously food ones.

Fishing:Perhaps the easiest way to acquire ingredients to cook is by fishing. Fish must be processed into ingredients via a Broadsword Recipe.

Recipes Food that you produce is based on your Cooking level and random choice. Sometimes you create both restoring food and "buffing" food from one cooking.

Lv 1 Staple Recipe: Assorted Fried Rice, Bran Gluten, Cocoa Rice Balls, Fried Meatball, Mung Bean Cake, Red Bean Rice, Rice Cake, Roasted Corn, Sesame Cake, Tasty Congee, Walnut Tofu Congee

Lv 1 Fish Recipe: Beggar's Chicken, Bouilli,Eggplant Pie, Fried Croakers, Hot Fish Filet, Lettuce Mince, Meat Mushroom, Meatballs, Sauced Beef

Lv 2 Staple Recipe: Almond Cookie, Bean paste cake, Multi-Layer Bakemeat, Plantain Rice, Rice Tube Pudding, Spring Cake, Stuffed Steamed Bun, Vegetable Pie, Vegetable Roll.

Lv 2 Fish Recipe: Braised Bear's Paw, Pork Chop Congee, Sauce-Braised Turtle, Sauced Fish Slices, Sauteed Spicy Snail, Seaweed Soup, Stuffed Dumpling, Vemicelli with Pork..