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Chess Challenge

This team quest is available everyday from 11:30am to 2:30pm and from 7:30am to 10:30pm. You will have to form or join a team of 6 players for this quest. This quest is very useful for players willing to level-up quickly. You can enter the Game of Chess in 3 different cities:

   -Luo Yang – Jishin Wang [271,88]]
   -Su Zhou – Chessman Zang [174,147] (Main)
   -Da Li – Smart Liu [275,95]


Chess stones will progressively appear. If you don’t destroy them, they will turn into Chess Souls, which have the ability to attack. After having defeated the Chess Stones and/or Chess Souls, the Ancient Chess Soul will appear. If the team manages to kill him, you will get extra points. During the game, 200 black and white stones will appear at a progressively increasing pace.

Chess2.png Chess3.png


- Go to the Chess Lounge first. It is the most convenient and efficient way for your team to get their double exp immediately before the challenge. Chess buffs also spawn in the lounge, which can be used by the team leader to boost the team's stats.

- With a decent team (decent equipment and skill levels) it is possible to complete the challenge without using any skills.

- If you must use skills, wait until the 150th stone; that's when the stones really start spawning faster. This also preserves your party's mana for the boss.

- You must move after the 38th, 59th, 108th and 121st kills.

- Ancient Chess Soul is a formidable opponent! When it spawns you will freeze for 10 seconds - after that, pause to renew your buffs and heal up. It is possible to stun the boss before it uses its stunning AoE.